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Business Meeting


  • Do you struggle to put into words what exactly your business offers?

  • Is the content on your website bland and uninspiring?

  • Is it difficult to convey highly technical documents in layman's terms?

  • Have you entered industry awards and not been shortlisted?

  • Are your internal communications really speaking to your employees?

  • Is your sales team crying out for better literature?

  • Are you ready for marketing but not ready for a marketing department?

  • Do you need someone just to give you some marketing direction?

With over 30 years experience working in a range of industries from construction to manufacturing, from tourism to transport, from agriculture to food production, from financial services to security, from pharmaceuticals to marine, I have the experience and expertise to give clarity to your content and drive stronger engagement with  your clients, employees and stakeholders. 

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Marketing Mentor

Not all companies are ready to employee a full-time marketing professional.  It takes time, finances and experience which are not easily found when you are starting out.  But you need to be marketing your business to raise your profile and grow your customer base.  

This is where I can come in and provide that helping hand.  I will create a marketing plan for you. I can action the plan or mentor you or your employees to put the plan in place.  I will support you in growing your business to the point that you will have the time, finances and experience to appoint a full-time marketing professional. 

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Website Audit

With a fresh set of eyes and an independent stance, I will conduct a full audit of your current website to examine clarity of message, tone of voice, representation of brand ethos and values and user experience.  

Based on the outcome of the audit, I will write  strategically focused content to give your visitors a positive experience which will generate more leads. 

A website audit and content refresh will be cost effective, time effective and will deliver results.  

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Award Winners

Winning awards can be a key component of a Marketing Communications strategy.  The challenge, of course, is to write an award winning submission or at the very least, one that will get your business shortlisted. 

I have written numerous award winning submissions which have raised my clients profiles with their customers, competitors, employees and stakeholders and led to increased leads and engagement. 

If winning an award is part of your Communications strategy, I will write the submission that will get you in front of the judging panel. 

Layman's Terms

In a highly technical industry or market place, the challenge for businesses is to translate complicated, specialised information into user friendly, easily readable content that customers can understand and relate to.  

It is not easy, but I have done it on numerous occasions.  I have worked in highly technical industries such as pharmaceuticals where I have converted scientific and technical documents into sales literature to be read by farmers and advisors.  

If you are struggling to convey your technical information to your customers, I can do this for you.

Speak to your staff

The busier you get and the more staff you employ, the further removed you can become from them and the more difficult it becomes to communicate with them.  

Regular, open and honest internal communications is essential to bring your employees with you as your business grows.  It will stop the rumour mill in its tracks and ensure that employees hear the same message, at the same time and from the same source.

I will create an internal communications plan for your business to ensure employee engagement and loyalty.  

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