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Personalised Poetry

I write personalised poems to suit any occasion and any personality.  Whether it is a significant birthday, a leaving gift, a thank you present, a teacher's gift, a retirement poem, a wedding gift...whatever the occasion, there is a poem to be written for it.  

All I need from you is information about the recipient and the occasion and I will do the rest.  

A Godmother's Advice


Take the rough with the smooth

Take the ups with the downs

Keep a smile on your face 

And delete all the frowns

Just deal with the big things 

When times get tough

And leave the rest

Don't sweat the small stuff.

I have two mottos in life I'd like to recite

The first "It will be alright on the night."

So plan and prepare but take it all in your stride

Because life is for living so enjoy the ride.

Expect the unexpected

Is my next rule of thumb

Because the journey you're on

Will twist and will turn

But whatever life throws

Never ever feel alone

You have family, friends and a godmother

At the end of the phone.

The next stage of your life is about to begin

Some battles you lose but most you will win

But my advice to you as you turn eighteen

Is be true to yourself and follow your dream!


Hanging Up My Apron

And so my friends the time has come

To hang up my apron, my work here is done

I’m so sad to leave, I wish I could stay

Here In St Joseph’s, it’s the heart of Ballybay!


It’s hard to believe it’s been sixteen years

There’s been loads of laughs and a few wee tears

With our lovely patients as they’ve come and gone

It’s sad but true, time just keeps marching on!


The breakfast trays there’s too many too count

The craic with the patients and the tales they recount

As I visited their rooms while pushing my trolley

Like an Aer Lingus hostess, a true trolley dolly!


I’m leaving with memories I’ll always treasure

To our patients and staff, it has been a pleasure

And a special mention to one of the best

Dear Sister Kathleen in my heart you will rest!


I’ll miss you all, you’re so dear to me.

I’ll miss working in the kitchen and making the tea.

But every cloud has a silver lining

No more clocking in and out. No more early rising!


So for the very last time my apron’s hung up

I’ve served my last tea and I’ve washed my last cup.

I’m so sorry to leave and trying hard not to cry

Because I’ll miss you all, take care and goodbye!

Stars at Rathore


There is a school in Newry that is hard to describe

For pupils and parents it's a wee paradise

Where the staff are as special as the children they teach

Offering a sky full of stars for each one to reach. 

Bailey was twelve when he came to Rathore

And no one quite knew just what lay in store

But he has grown and blossomed in the years in between

Thanks to Mrs Currie and her wonderful team. 

As this time at Rathore sadly comes to an end

He's made a million memories and a lifetime of friends

And while he goes into a future that is some what unknown

There is one thing that is certain He'll Never Walk Alone.

As the parents of Bailey, there are no words to convey

The ache in our hearts and our total dismay

Bailey's leaving a school that is just so unique

Where he touched the stars and reached way past his peak. 

The depth of our gratitude runs deep to the core

For Mrs Currie and her team at the wonderful Rathore.

Bailey may be leaving but this isn't the end

Because we love you, we'll miss you our forever friends. 

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