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Student Writing


  • Are your ready to write your personal statement but you have no idea where to start?

  • Are you ready to get into the world of work but you have no idea how to write a CV or what you could put into a CV?

  • Have you a job application to fill in and it just looks too scary?  You're thinking "I'll just leave it because I probably wouldn't get it anyway?

  • Have you a speech to write for an assembly, a debate or a presentation and you're sick at the thought of it?

I can help.  I  have written numerous CV's, personal statements, speeches, job applications for all types of people and I can write for you.  Just get in touch and we can get started.

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Personal Statement

The dreaded personal statement.  The most important written document you will have to produce as a student and you are struggling. 


I will work with you to create an outstanding PS which will make you stand out.  It will showcase your talents, your skills, your ambitions, your achievements and your vision for your future.  

I have written many Personal Statements for other students and would love to write yours! 

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Applying for Jobs

Writing your CV or applying for jobs can be a daunting tasks.  It's hard to talk about yourself and harder to sell yourself.  What makes you different from any other candidate?

I will work with you to identify your skills and attributes and match them to the position you are applying for so that you will get an interview.

Your CV or job application is the first impression any employers will have of you.  I will make sure it is a good impression.  

Contact me for more details
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