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Wedding Cake

Make your wedding come alive with words

Your wedding is the most personal day of your life. It is the day when your love, your passion, your hopes, your dreams, your future and your past are captured in one glorious moment in time. 

You want your guests to step into that glorious moment with you, to be part of your journey, past and present, to know what this day truly means to you both.  

And the best way to do that is to tell them. Put it into words...your words! Your invitations, your reflections, your speeches, your thank you letters, personalised to tell your story.

I can offer you a full wedding package which will create a beautifully personalised wedding that you will never forget.



Your Wedding - Your Words

There is nothing worse than being at a wedding dinner where the speeches drone on and on forever. Rambling, directionless and sometimes inappropriate. 


Your wedding speeches should be the focal point of your wedding dinner.  People should talk about the speeches for weeks or even years to come. They should tell the story of you as individuals and you as a couple. They should reminisce. They should be fun.  They should capture your personalities. 


And that's where I come in. I can take your thoughts and dreams and put them down on paper as if you wrote them.  I can write co-ordinated speeches that can be delivered individually or as a "double-act" but will compliment each other.  I can write a speech for the groom and the bride (who says the bride doesn't speak at the wedding) or for the groom and best man or for the best man and the father of the bride.  Whatever combination and whoever is speaking, I can make those speeches amazing.   

And then... you could get your videographer to capture your speeches in a little instagramable (not sure that's even a word!) video which you can share with family and friends who couldn't be with you on your amazing day.  

Get in touch with me today to turn your speeches into the centre point of your day!

Speeches that Speak

Reflections that Reflect

Your wedding ceremony is the most important part of your day and your future life.  It is when officially and legally two become one.  It is the most prescribed part of your day.


But that doesn't mean it has to be impersonal.  You have the opportunity through your readings and reflections to bring your personality through the ceremony.


Your reflections should do exactly that...reflect your  values as a couple, reflect your commitment to each other, reflect what has made you the people you are today and reflect your hopes and dreams for the future.  

I can make your reflections and readings about you and put you at the centre of your wedding ceremony.

Get in touch with me today to write your personal reflection which reflects you!

Invitations that Invite

Your invitation is the first opportunity to give your invited guests an glimpse into the type of wedding day it is going to be and to let the spirit and vibe of your day shine through. 


Gone are the days of formal invitations where you are cordially invited to the wedding of. You have ownership of your invitation so make them work.

I will write the copy for your invitation which will make guests clear their diaries just to be at your special day!

Get in touch today to start the ball rolling!

Thank you letters that Thank

Your wedding is over, normality has returned and memories of your wedding are fading fast for many of your guests.  

But it doesn't have to be that way. Your Thank You letters are a perfect way to relive the magic of your wedding and bring all those wonderful memories alive again. 


I will write a thank you template which will be from your heart and will recapture the spirit, the vibe and the magic of your special day.

Get in touch to chat about this further.

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