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Embracing Change

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

Are you one of those people who loves change? You are constantly looking at ways to shake things up. You don’t wait for change, you make the change.

Or are you one of those people who hates change? You prefer to leave things alone. If it’s not broken, don’t fix it.

Me? I probably sit in the middle. I don’t hate change but I don’t necessarily go looking for it.

Or at least that’s how I was until 2020 happened. And like everyone else, from governments to businesses to individuals, we were thrown into a cyclone of chaos which changed everything.

At the start of the year, I was sitting in a secure job, earning a secure salary, living and working to a secure routine and then, without warning that all stopped.

My secure little world was no longer secure.

I had two options…bury my head and hope for the best or ride the waves of the storm and see where it took me.

I chose option 2. Out of the chaos of Covid, I set up my own business, The Write Step, gained new clients and embarked on a whole new path. It has been scary, there have been challenges and there have been many moments of self-doubt. But it has been exciting, it has been empowering and it has been so enjoyable. At this precise moment in time, I am living my best life!

Change does not have to be big and dramatic and life changing. Change can happen in small, almost unnoticeable steps but when you look back, you see how much has changed and how far you have come. You'll be surprised and amazed and proud.

This can be particularly true for small businesses who are starting out. Small steps to get your businesses known, build up your client base and become the success you want to be.

This is where I am in my business but I have a clear business and marketing plan to get me to where I want to be. I am an independent marketing consultant providing marketing support for small business owners like you. I am taking small steps to reach a bigger goal and at regular intervals, I will look back and see what I've done, what I've changed and what I have achieved. Even now, when I look back at what I've done, a lot has changed in a short period of time. I have launched my new website The Write Step, I have set up my social media profiles, on LinkedIn and Facebook, I have secured a couple of new clients and am engaging with a number of active enquiries. I can see that I have moved along my business path.

If you are a small businesses, wanting to grow more and need help and support in getting there, I’d love to help you. Running your own business can be a lonely place but there is support out there. Get in touch...we can grow our businesses together.

Change doesn’t have to be scary or fearful. It can be exciting and challenging and fun. Change can be what you make it.

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